Do’s and Dont’s to Extend Your Phone’s Battery Life (RealTime Experiment)

One of the biggest problems with smartphones that we use these days are the Battery life or the biggest complaint that majority of the mobile phone manufacturers get is the lack of enough battery life. We were receiving a ton of requests from people on extending phone’s battery life. So I and my team did multiple research on this topic and came up with a lot of solutions, myth’s and much more information on Do’s and Dont’s to Extend Your Phone’s Battery Life. 


Biggest Battery Saving Myth 

You must be wondering why I am I listing the battery saving myths instead of what to do to save battery in the first paragraph of the topic. This is because these myth’s that are currently evolving in the society is the thing that is stopping you from having good battery life because you think these Myth’s actually work and waste the majority of the your mobile’s resources. So I think listing and explain these Battery Saving myths at first will help a lot. 

Myth 1: Turn Off WIFI

I am very sure that you definitely would have heard this myth for sure that would help you in extending your battery life but trust it doesn’t do that much in saving your mobile phone’s battery life. Because if you’re in range of a strong Wi-Fi signal, your phone uses less energy to connect to the Internet with a Wi-Fi connection than a cellular one. In addition, if you regularly use apps that rely on your location, having Wi-Fi enabled helps your phone determine its location without relying solely on power-hungry GPS features, so it actually helps your phone’s battery last longer.

We would only suggest you to Turn off or disable your WIFI to save battery life is when the WIFI Signal is less or your device is far away from the WIFI router and is struggling to get signal. At this time your mobile phone sucks up the battery power tremendously to it is the battery to turn off or disable WIFI in this situation. 

Myth 2: Turn Off Bluetooth

This could be the biggest or mostly suggested advice by most of the people or websites is to Turn off your Bluetooth to save or extend your battery life But Bluetooth was designed from the start to minimize battery usage, and it has only gotten better over time. In our intensive research, we found out that having Bluetooth on but not actively connected to a device used a negligible amount of battery power over several hours. Even when connected to a Bluetooth LE (Low Energy) device that regularly communicates with your phone, such as a recently made fitness tracker, Bluetooth uses very little of your battery. Where Bluetooth does have a noticeable impact on battery life is when you’re actively using the Bluetooth connection, such as when you’re streaming audio to a Bluetooth speaker or headphones. So only turn off Bluetooth if your battery is really in critical condition if not its, not a big problem that helps you extend your battery life. 

Myth 3: Install a battery-saving application to save battery life

This one is really funny and makes me cringe. There are more thousands of applications in both App Store and Play Store. There multiple businesses that run around this problem-solving solution but these application are mostly crap and doesn’t work.

battery saving myth apps

Battery problem is majority hardware issue no application can help to solve that problem. What these applications will do is work on the peer to peer application, here they use your mobile as a peer and sell the resources to other businesses for storage or compression. If you have seen the TV show silicon valley then you would understand this model. Our advice is to not to install or uses such applications. 

Myth 4: Disable location services completely

As most of you know that, most of the applications that you install would first ask your permission to enable location service to locate the location which you. Mostly food delivery applications such as Foodpanda, Swiggy or UberEats and others have the option where you can enable their services to get your location all the time to serve you and most of these tech blogs would suggest you to disable location services to save battery power and I would tell that its bullshit. Don’t do that instead you have an option where you can select only enable location where you use the application. But doing this you will be allowing the application to get your location and also saving a ton of battery power. 

Myth 5: Use only the charger that came with your phone

This is not exactly wrong, it is always suggested to use the charger that you get with the phone to not complicate and not to have other problems. Where you use a third-party charger, let’s say something very local and cheap which is made of cheap materials then you are definitely losing a ton battery to that. So even if you can use the charger of the phone company that you use you can at least buy a Good quality third-party charger. 

Do’s to Extend Your Phone’s Battery Life

Use an Ad Blocker

I know this is a super unique tip that you wouldn’t have heard anywhere but trusted us it works. We tested this with 8 smartphones all different companies and it worked. This is because every time you load a webpage in google or the browser in your mobile phone, there is a java code that running in the background which tends to consume more battery power. So when you use any applications such as Ad blocker it would block the ad and the javascript that is used to run the advertisement. I know advertisements are how those webmasters earn and pay for the servers. We also use advertisements to pay our server costs. Nowadays after the cryptocurrency, booming webmasters started to run scripts which will mine cryptocurrencies using the CPU of your mobile or system, so this really consumes a ton of battery power. 

battery saving tips ad blocker

Turn Down Your Mobile’s Brightness when not required

The component that uses the most energy on your smartphone, by a considerable margin, is the screen. The most you use it, the more it sucks the battery. So it’s not possible for me to suggest you to not to use the phone at all at least you can reduce the brightness when it’s not required but doing this you are saving battery and all less stress on your eyes. 

battery saving tips auto brightness

Store Music Locally

Nowadays streaming music has become a trend and also convenience. With applications in the market such as Apple Music, Spotify, Gaana and much more with their affordable plans has made people more reliable and convenient to stream music instead of listening to them in offline. Usually, when you are required to stream you tend to use more WIFI or other internet sources which would potentially suck a lot of battery power. You can store your music locally in an application such as iTunes or Google Music or ShareIt and much more. 

Use Airplane Mode when not required

Turning on airplane mode would automatically turn off the other stuff that pretty much drains your battery. So it is recommended to turn on airplane mode when you are charging or when your device is not active. Though the mode was originally designed to prevent phones from (theoretically) interfering with airline communications, it also reduces battery usage—all that wireless circuitry requires power. Indeed, in our testing on Android and iPhone smartphones, enabling airplane mode resulted in the battery level dropping by just a few percents over four hours during normal use (or as normal as use can be when the device is in airplane mode, as we note below). Contrast that to nearly 10 percent over four hours during the same type of use with airplane mode disabled.


Wrapping up on the Do’s and Don’t to Extend Your Phone’s Battery Life

I hope that our experiment on this topic really help you to understand the technicalities that drain your battery. Learn an understand the above-written information and work on them over time to improve your phone’s battery life and don’t care about the myth’s that we have mentioned above. 

Updated: July 15, 2018 — 7:55 pm

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