Warframe Relic Farming (Place to Farm Axi, Neo, Lith, Meso)

Are you looking for more information on Warframe Relic Farming and more on the best place to farm Axi, Neo, Lith, and Meso. A lot of readers after reading this article on Warframe Nitain Extraction, Requested us to write this article on Warframe Relic Farming. So yeah, that’s what we are going to be doing right here. I am sure you know that Relic Farming is very important stuff in Warframe. I am sure you know this. Some people also state that this relic farming is everything in this game because Warframe is all about farming and strategy. So in this article, I will be writing a full detailed article on Warframe Relic Farm and Best Place to Farm Axi, Neo, Lith, and Meso. 

Warframe Relic Farming

How many Relics are there in Warframe?

There are Four Relics in Warframe. They are

  1. Axi
  2. Neo
  3. Lith
  4. Meso

Warframe Relic Farming (Place to Farm Axi, Neo, Lith, Meso)

Warframe had gone through a lot of changes in the past so the whole dynamics of Relic Farming has changed. Before we can use void kets to farm these relics such as Neo, Axi, Lith, and Meso but after the changes on the void it’s not possible as it was before. A lot of other gamers and content creators still debate about that void keys were better and yeah I agree too, but this relic farming system is better and more fun too. The only disadvantage is that you will only be able to farm one part of per relic which is pretty annoying. 

So now I will explain how to farm these Relics in Warframe individually. 

How to Farm Axi Relics in Warframe?

Best Place to Farm Axi Relics in Warframe is Xini and Eris (Infested Interception)

There are many places to farm Axi Relics but these two are easiest and most preferred. The newly added infested interception which is the Eris is the best place to farm Axi Relics in Warframe. Before this update, you would have to fight and eliminate high-level mobs and work really hard to get these Axi relics but after the recent update, it has become quite easy to farm axi in warframe game. 

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You can do this mission solo and also with your teammates. It would be better with Teammates. Do you remember that before we used to complete a few rotations using ember’s world on fire to get these Axi relics but now after the update they nerfed the main power so it’s become pretty useless now. 

Best Drop Chances of Axi Relics: 100% Chances of Drop on Rotation B and C to Farm Axi relics and 14.29% for every other axi relics. 

How to Farm Lith Relics in Warframe?

Best Place to Farm Lith Relics in Warframe is Orokin Derelict Survival/Orokin Derelict Defense or Hepit Capture on Void. 

If you ask me for one best place to farm lith relics in warframe then I would tell Orokin Derelict Defense. All of Reddit votes for Orokin Derelict Defense as the best place to farm lith relics in the game. 

I would suggest you go with your squads or with your teammates to finish this mission. The rotation in the mission is also pretty easy only and you can also get 400 Endo doing os. If you don’t have a squad or a proper team then no issues, try solo itself. It would take around 15 to 25 minutes to complete the whole 15 waves. If you need to finish it quicker in a solo then follow this. Take a Speed Nova and spam that 4 key and eliminate all the enemies with Atterax or alternatively if you have Zenistar then you can throw it around the Cryopod and the enemies will auto explode and you can just chill around collecting the Lith Relics. 

Or try out Hepit Capture on the Void also. I can’t really guarantee that you will find Lith relic because it totally depends on how fast you complete the mission. If you complete it really fast then you can grab some of those lith relics on Hepit Capture. Just take a Speed Nova or volt and complete this mission very fast. 

Drop Chances of Lith Relics are 75% for a Lith Relic and 12.5% for each rotation A for each lith relic. 

How to Farm Neo Relics in Warframe?

The Best Place to Farm Neo Relics in Warframe – Xini and Eris.

Xini and Eris are undoubtedly the best place to Farm Neo Relics in Warframe. If you don’t know already Eris and Xini is the exact similar tileset of Akkad. Akkad is a popularly known for the XP farming place in Warframe. One of the advantages of Akkad is that the tileset is quite small so when you farm at Akkad you get more XP and faster also. And you can also bomb or nuke your enemies by spamming 4 key and you can wipe out the entire map which will speed up the farming process. But to wipe out the entire map you might need a powerful weapon such as Rhino Buff which will increase your DPS as the enemies will also be of higher level or Pros. You can also carry a 4x Corrosive Projection so that the enemies armor is at zero at all times. Do it properly and you can farm Neo Relics really fast and more in quantity. 

Drop Chances of Neo Relics in Warframe are 66.6% for a Neo Relic and 11.11% each for every relic on each rotation. 

How to Farm Meso Relics in Warframe?

The Best Place to Farm Meso Relics in Warframe – Jupiter, and IO is the best place to farm Meso Relics in Warframe. You can also try Void and Taranis

Farming Meso Relics in Warframe is easiest of all these 4 relics to farm. Because the tileset of IO is really small so you can quickly farm the Meso Relics. What I would suggest or recommend you to do is Get a Banshee with Arcance Energizer installed because this will instantly kill all the enemies that are coming towards you when you enter the place very fast. Keep continuing the same thing until you get to farm or extract enough Meso Relics in the game. 

At least a two rotation is required to for at least one meso relic drop in the game. According to me the only problem that you might place while farming meso relic is that you might place nullifiers, so I totally suggest you get a squad or teammates to complete this task or if you are playing solo then you might need to pause the resonating quake spam which consumes a lot of time. So I suggest you get a teammate to finish this process quickly and efficiently. 

Drop Chances of Meso Relics in Warframe are 85.74%  for a Meso Relic and 14.29% each for every other relic such as Neo, Axi, and Lith on Rotation A. 


These are the best places to farm Relics such as Axi, Neo, Meso, and Lith according to us, as the gaming is being updated every now and then we will keep updating this article with accurate information. If you think that be missed out some information then you can comment below and will verify and update it.


We are concluding this much-requested article on Warframe Relics Farm and Best Place to Farm Neo, Meso, Lith, and Axi. If you have doubts or problems then don’t hesitate to comment below. If you like this article then share it with your friends via Social Networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest. Thank You and have a fantastic day.

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